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In 1995, a team formed to develop what is now a leading human resource technology solution (reloviewsComplete™). The $50mm project took four years to complete and Synvata has been supporting it ever since. Today, Synvata supports many clients across many industries, most of whom we have been working with for over a decade. Synvata focuses on tenure with both our clients and equally as important, our engineers. Our team is multifaceted and multicultural, with offices in the US, China, Brazil, Mexico, and Chile.

Time & Cost

No more wasting valuable time on shortlisting, interviewing, and hiring candidates for every project. You’ll avoid the costs involved in having too many in-house employees, and you won’t waste money on new equipment and skill development.


Remote staff augmentation means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can easily use existing resources and processes to complete projects – just with the helping hand of a remote worker. You also won’t waste your company’s in-house talent or established practices.


Instead of outsourcing an entire project, staff augmentation lets you maintain control of a project. In this way, you can ensure quality and also control the way resources are used.

Headquartered in Chicago IL, Synvata has over 20 years of experience solving and augmenting the technology needs of startups, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies.

Our Team

The average tenure for our engineers is 12 years. The average tenure of our clients is 8 years. We practice strict evaluation and interview processes to build expert teams while at the same time creating an environment of personal and professional growth.  This focus brings stability to your project and our company, minimizing disruption and maximizing timely and expected performance.