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Will ChatGPT replace programmers anytime soon? Here is the answer!

May 4, 2023 | News

Today’s AI is becoming more sophisticated as new technologies are released daily. Lately, ChatGPTand AI chatbot has gained a lot of popularity. As soon as it was launched, it sparked a frenzy among users.

This AI chatbot can do anything from writing codes to building a website. It is also said that ChatGPT can write code faster and seemingly better than many programmers. So now the question is will it replace software engineers anytime soon?

The answer is No. Programmers are unlikely to be replaced by ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology. Artificial intelligence software called ChatGPT is made to provide replies in natural language in response to human input. Because it is still in its infancy, programming specialists cannot yet be replaced by technology.ChatGPT is an effective technique that may speed up and improve the quality of text generated by programmers, but it cannot take their position. Conversational Bots cannot duplicate the complicated reasoning, problem-solving abilities, and creativity needed for programming.

Chat GPT is a fantastic tool for programmers to use to speed up and improve the accuracy of text generation, but it cannot take their role of them.

Here are 4 reasons why:
1) ChatGPT now outputs code when performing programming activities, and can anyone understand, work with, and use code? No, only programmers are. SWEs must handle ChatGPT’s existing coding-related outputs because they are meaningless to the general public.
2) It has been established that ChatGPT occasionally provides inaccurate responses, including flawed code. No ethical company will take the chance of replacing their SWEs with an AI that can indubitably create broken software.
3) ChatGPT has trouble debugging problematic code, even in straightforward, standalone code blocks. This will likely remain true, especially in big, intricate codebases. If you require SWEs to debug the AI’s code, you cannot eliminate them.
4) To create complicated applications using ChatGPT, you must provide it with complex prompts, which intrinsically call for both technical expertise and “prompt engineering” skill. SWEs are currently the group best suited to create these prompts. Instead of replacing software engineers, ChatGPT will serve as an amazing quality-of-life improvement tool for them, helping them perform certain programming tasks much faster.
So If you are a software engineer, you don’t need to worry about ChatGPT—for now.
With information from: www.content.techgig.com