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Difference between Staff Augmentation, Temporary Staffing & Process Outsourcing

Oct 25, 2022 | News

While temporary staffing fills the immediate need, it fails to deliver a long-term solution for resolving resource deficiencies. Staff augmentation and outsourcing offer access to qualified resources and shift the primary burden of management to the partner. Some view this as a loss of control over the outsourced processes, yet with the right partner and strategy, more control and improvement can be had.

As mentioned above, temporary staffing fills immediate resource openings, but the burden of management still falls heavily on internal management to recruit, interview, hire, train and possibly retrain these resources. This brings with it an additional cost burden not realized both in terms of lost activity time by the resources and loss of management focus. Beyond that, temporary employees cannot be employed long-term, ultimately creating a void in the business when that resource’s contract expires.

Staff augmentation and process outsourcing are very similar in that both offer access to qualified candidates, a management support team focused on managing processes unique to your business, and project governance through performance management criteria. The key differences between the two fall in the output from the partner.

The chart below details the deliverables within each resource tower.

Temporary staffing is a very tactical approach to patching resource shortfalls. Staff augmentation and Process Outsourcing allows for a strategic approach to resolving the resource gaps, while delivering results through tight control and measurements.